5 tips for taking pictures to your pets

5 Tips For Taking Pictures To Your Pets

Taking pictures is something I love, but specially of my little baby… Remi.
So, if you have a little pet… a dog, cat, turtle, hamster, or even a fish. These are some hints for you to make lovely pet portraits!
1. Making your pet look at you… (or at least at the camera)
This might sound easy, but sometimes it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Some ideas for making your pet look at the camera is to grab a treat or a small plush and place it over the lens or near to the camera. Your pet will look at it and you should get a photo like this one.
But sometimes it is better to leave your pet be itself… with that you can get this lovely pictures:
awe… he is looking at his little buddy! (Bartolome… haha kitting, Phil)
2. Backgrounds.
Well, if you have a beige dog, and a beige floor… like me, you will need something to pop up the picture! In my case, I chose an old blue and white T-shirt for my picture.
3. Make your pet feel comfortable.
Well, I guess that when you fell pressured or uncomfortable.. you are not yourself. So this thing happens to pets too. If you want to have lovely pics, make him or her comfortable, but how? It is pretty simple. You can take his or her favorite toy and let it play. Try to be as calm as possible and talk to it in a calm and kind way.
4. (the most important) Have FUN!
If you want to make this experience a great memory, having fun is a must! Try to make your pet look funny or make him or her make tricks! Normally pets are funny, so you just have to be patient and wait until the indicated moment. Results can be really funny… (:
5. Experiment!
What would life be without experiments? Try with different camera positions and when your pet is playing or sleeping. This is a great way to get funny but memorable pics of your pets!

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