DIY deathly hallows shirt

DIY Deathly Hallows Shirt

Hello Hello! Well, today I want to share with you a really simple but cute tutorial. I am a Harry Potter lover, so the deathly hallows are one of the coolest things on earth (for me). I’ve always wanted a shirt like that, but I didn’t find any, so I decided to do one by myself! You just need a white shirt, a fabric marker, a pair of rulers and a CD.

1. First start by placing your shirt over a box, so that the marker doesn’t bleed to the other side of it. 2. Put the CD in the center. 3. Place the two rulers next to it trying to form a regular rectangle. 4. Mark with a pencil the places were the lines meet, and draw the circle of the CD with the marker. 5. Join the points with the marker, and draw a line on the center to finish it. I really hope you like it (: If you have any questions please let me know. Have a great weekend! xoxo. Monica

psst.. I’ll be posting more normally -.- I gotta get myself out and do cute stuff for you :3

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