Project Designs

Hi there!
Well, today I want to share with you some of the things I have been doing for a project in my school in which we are supposed to create an online store! So, my team trusted me the design of the products we are going (or at least we hope) to sell. I was really exited because I had my own Etsy shop some years ago and I really loved the whole idea. So, I made some little drawings for patches we are going to do and attach to shirts and caps. I wanted to share some of my favorite with you to ask you what you think about them! I will post a little update when we have the actual product, I am just so exited! Hope it turns out all right. Fingers crossed.

(We are called Sonder due to the super cool word it is. I will tell you more about it later)
Hope you like them and also you are having a great week!
Lots of love, Monica.

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